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Compassion   Evidence   Care  Recovery

These values guide us to work with you to build a treatment, recovery and wellbeing plan that fits with your aims, lifestyle and budget, and will support you to flourish.

We celebrate diversity and welcome you regardless of how you identify in terms of ethnicity, religion, culture, age, gender expression, or partner preference.

Mental health assessment

We will work with you to define the key problem and arrive at a diagnosis or problem formulation. 

Depending on the referral details, we will allocate one of our team to do an initial specialist mental health assessment for a range of mental disorders and mental health problems including mood disorders (depression, bipolar disorder), anxiety disorders, psychosis, symptoms related to trauma, and ADD/ADHD in young people and adults. 

Treatment and managing your mental health

You will benefit from a broad range of insights, skills and expertise, as we work as a multidisciplinary team, in regular contact with each other and sharing the same clinical notes. We will work alongside your GP who will look after your physical health during mental health treatment.  If you already have a psychologist or counsellor, we will work with them.

We use a range of approaches to treatment and management. This may include medication, cognitive behavioural techniques and other psychotherapeutic strategies, or a combination of these. Frequency of appointments is adjusted accordingly and usually people are discharged back to referring health professional within a few months. Some people like to check in occasionally to ensure continuity. 

Mental wellbeing and recovery support

Taking a holistic approach is important to us. It is the basis of supporting you to flourish again. We include sleep, diet and physical movement/exercise as part of our problem assessment and management. We are interested in the things that bring you meaning, connectedness, joy and contentment and helping you re-introduce these to your life. The emphasis in your management will change over time as your needs evolve. 

Relationships are critical to our mental well-being and we often find it useful to meet with family, friends or others who are important to you. This is always by arrangement with you. 


Charges vary according to the service you receive, and are revised annually. Please contact our office manager, Anastasia, for details. 

Appointments must be paid for in full on the day of the appointment, by e-banking, eftpos or credit card. We prefer not to invoice, and there is a $15 service fee if an invoice must be issued. 


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