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Frequently asked questions


Our consultations and other work are now usually done remotely by phone or Zoom, regardless of COVID caution level. We run most of our normal clinical services regardless of COVID-19 caution level. 

We have a number of clients around New Zealand.

Unfortunately we now have a waiting list of many months for new referrals. We recommend that you ask for your referral to be redirected if you need urgent help. Please also note that due to demand we decline some referrals if we judge we will be unable to provide good care.

Can I make a self-referral? 

We do not take self-referrals. A referral  from your GP, clinical psychologist, counsellor or other health professional is essential and we will make a decision about whether we can provide appropriate care based on this referral. 

Do you see people with ADD? 

Yes, we work with people who may have ADD or have been diagnosed either as children or adults. This is a significant part of our practice and we have built up experience in this area.


What if I saw you a while ago and I want to have further treatment or want your opinion? 

If we have seen you before you will still be on the practice list so you may have priority over a new referral. We will still want to work with your GP or other health professional. 

Will other health care professionals be involved in my care? 

Often the best treatment outcomes are achieved when professionals with complementary skills work together. Depending on what is needed, this might be recommended for you, although it is always your choice. We usually work as a team within the practice or with another professional, either a GP or a clinical psychologist outside the practice. 

Will my assessment and treatment be covered by health insurance? 

This depends on your health insurance policy. Please check with your insurer. We expect payment on the day of the consultation and you can then claim from your insurer according to your policy. We are not registered with any health insurance companies, wishing to retain our independence. We no longer provide assessment and treatment for ACC clients.

Am I still entitled to treatment in the public system? 

The public health system has various criteria for entry to services. Assuming you met the criteria, you would be entitled to care in the public system. If you meet the criteria, the public system cannot reject you just because you have chosen private care at some point. However, being seen in both systems at once can be problematic. You can choose referral to the public system at any time to find out if you meet the criteria, and we will help you make the transition. 

When are you available and what is the cost? 

Please email Anastasia to find out about availability and charges. Please note that from August 2020 we introduced notional charges for email and text consultations. This is because COVID has meant there is more email traffic and often this is now about clinical advice. You are still seeking the same level of expertise in an email consultation and we still have the same level of liability and responsibility. 

Payment is on the day of the appointment, if appointments are remote then we do the internet banking while we are both online at the end of the appointment. Although we can send invoices, there is a $15 service charge for this.  

What if I have to cancel an appointment? 

Please give at least 24 hours notice of a cancellation or re-schedule so the appointment can be offered to someone who is waiting.  We may charge the full fee for missed appointments and cancellations with less than 24 hours notice.

How many sessions will I need? 

Usually assessment and treatment will take between three and eight appointments over several months. This is variable and will depend on the matters we are addressing and your specific circumstances. 

What about payment?

Payment in full is expected at the time of consultation, using internet banking, EFTPOS or credit card. We do not accept cash. Invoices can be issued for payment but these incur a $15 service fee. 

What if my payment is overdue?

Late payments are subject to a $15.00 administration fee. We may use a debt recovery service if payments are more than two months late. If you are running into difficulties we strongly recommend that you talk to us about it. Unfortunately we can no longer offer payment plans. 


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